Dwayna Williams: How to Leverage Public Relations and Media for Small Business Owners

In this episode, I’m joined by Dwayna Williams, the co-founder of TGND Consulting. She shares her entrepreneurial journey and the importance of storytelling for effective public relations (PR) and marketing. She also addresses some common misconceptions about PR and emphasizes that a strategic process requires a cohesive marketing plan to build brand awareness over time through compelling narratives.

Williams also shares practical tips on integrating storytelling across various platforms like blogs, social media videos, community events, and customer testimonials, which can help establish authentic connections, ensure trust, and drive engagement. She emphasizes the importance of aligning PR efforts with the marketing funnel, having a solid digital presence, and utilizing digital channels like TikTok and Instagram to share brand stories. She further stresses the impact of captivating storytelling in enhancing marketing prowess and business success.

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[04:53]  The struggles of finding a job after graduating

[09:31]  Dwayna’s business model and its innovative approach to PR

[15:49]  The misconception surrounding PR

[17:12]  How to conduct successful PR campaigns

[20:42] Benefits of a visible online presence and credibility

[22:06]  Starting small to achieve bigger opportunities

[24:21] Significance of coordination and integration between PR and marketing activities

[24:59] Strategic function of PR enhancing visibility for brands

[26:00] The role of PR and how to determine if you’re ready for it

[29:50] Strategies for increasing brand awareness on a limited budget

[32:27] Using storytelling on platforms like TikTok, YouTube

[35:36] Leveraging customer testimonials to promote the brand effectively

[39:27] The effectiveness of community relations in increasing brand awareness

[41:09] Importance of crafting and sharing your story

[42:52] Benefits of incorporating personal story elements to expand brand awareness


● People often need to understand that investing in PR requires a lot of money. You often need money, but there are ways to start your PR journey on a budget.

● PR is a process that takes time. If you’re unwilling to invest at least six months into your PR efforts, you are not ready for a PR agency.

● You have to start from somewhere. The smaller opportunities will then equate to bigger opportunities.

● If you don’t have stories of your consumers, your community, or your own story that you want to tell, PR is not necessarily for you.

● If you don’t want to tell your own story, which is perfectly fine, you’re telling the story of your consumers. Allow your consumers to share testimonials.

Resources: Connect with Dwayna on

– Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sheis_ashanti/

Connect with her PR agency, TGND Consulting:

– Website: https://www.tgndconsulting.com/

– LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/tgnd-consulting

– Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tgndconsulting/

– Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TGNDConsulting/

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