Bridgette Moody: Creating Vision and Navigating Structure for Your Business – Clarity, Confidence, Communication, and Collaboration

Unlock the secrets to achieving clarity in your business vision and aligning your company’s structure, culture, and processes with that vision. In this episode, seasoned business consultant and coach Bridgette Moody shares her invaluable insights and proven strategies for transitioning from corporate life to entrepreneurial success.

From her decades of experience, Bridgette reveals the transformative power of the “Four C’s” Clarity, Confidence, Communication, and Collaboration, in crafting a compelling vision that attracts investors, partners, and top talent. She also provides a sneak peek into her upcoming Pen2Paper tour, where she’ll be teaching her game-changing S3 (Structure, Strategy, Systems) model to aspiring and existing business owners across the country.


[01:10] Bridgette’s transition from corporate to entrepreneurship

[05:06] How Bridgette helps people get clarity on their business vision

[09:22] Importance of showing and telling the “how”

[12:41] Aligning business structure and culture with the vision

[14:20] Benefits of the 5-T strategy model

[17:43] Creating a company culture aligned with the vision

[22:21] Importance of processes and procedures

[26:17] The Importance of having a clear and well-defined vision for success

[27:34] The “Pen2Paper” tour and the S3 model

[29:20] The necessity of understanding one’s vision and the underlying purpose

[34:37] Bridgette’s advice for business vision and clarity


● It’s important to be clear and understand your lane because I tried to do things to make money, but someone else was in my lane.

● You can’t see it until you see it. Getting your vision on paper gives you a tangible connection to it.

● If you don’t establish a culture for what you do, be it as a solopreneur or a small business with clients and employees; people will bring their own because they’re going to do what they know to do and not what you have documented or structured for them to do.

● So, clarity is key. We’ve been talking about it the entire time. Time clarity is very important until you get clear about your vision.

● You can’t maintain someone else’s vision but can maintain your own.

● If we are clear, we have confidence, clarity of vision, and clarity of where we’re supposed to be, which helps us to be confident about it. And so, when you’re confident about what you’re supposed to be doing, the lane you’re supposed to be in, it helps you improve.

● Once we have confidence, we can communicate better. People may not believe this, but it helps us collaborate better because people can see themselves in your vision.

● When you’re clear about your vision, your confidence builds. It does something to your confidence when you are clear about your vision.


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