SEO for Small Business Success: Enhancing Visibility

Scott Gabdullin: Unlocking Visibility through Search Engine Optimization for Small Business Success

Welcome to another episode where Scott Gabdullin, a Canadian entrepreneur and founder of Authority Factors, joins me. Today, Scott shares his valuable insights into effective search marketing strategies tailored for small businesses.

With his diverse experience spanning computer engineering to entrepreneurship, Scott shares insights into brand building, leveraging paid advertising platforms like Google Ads and social media, optimizing content creation for better rankings, and addressing the impact of AI-generated content on SEO.

He also provides practical advice on lead generation tactics, closing leads effectively, and competing against industry giants as a small business. Scott emphasizes the importance of patience, adaptability, and a customer-centric approach for long-term business success in the changing digital landscape.

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[00:54] Scott’s background and journey into entrepreneurship

[05:06] Strategies for building brand awareness for small businesses

[08:58] Recommended budget for small businesses to start running Google Ads

[10:24] Approach to social media advertising

[13:44] Strategies for ranking on the first page of Google

[17:47] Structuring landing pages for conversion

[22:10] Insights on AI-generated content and its impact on SEO

[28:13] Strategies for small businesses to compete with larger competitors

[32:33] Approaches to lead generation and closing leads

[37:21] Top business and SEO insights

[39:07] Where to find more information about Scott Gabdullin


● Overnight success is like ten years in the making. It was a lot of sweat equity put into it. We had to go through a lot of tears and pain, but it led us on the path to where we are now, living our lives the way we want.

● Anyone can be an entrepreneur, and if you’ve done engineering and you go and become an entrepreneur in engineering, you’re probably going to save time. I went from engineering to entrepreneurship, had nothing to do with engineering, and that took a long time.

● My recommendation to everyone is to start with paid advertising. You’ll start getting phone calls right on day one, and it takes 24-48 hours for ads to kick in.

● If I were to make a recommendation to marketing agencies, experiment with AI, which we do. We always experiment on our websites.

● We don’t do much paid advertising on TikTok or LinkedIn. It wasn’t the niche issues we would be into, but Facebook and Instagram have been around long enough, and everyone has experience with them. I would say Facebook and Instagram are great to advertise.

● If I were to advise a business owner, I would say, you have got to fix your sales. It’s a problem. You are the problem. So, you need to hire someone, and if they’re not willing to go past that point and admit that to be a problem, then there’s nothing you can do as a marketer. Or a service provider.

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