Episode #4: 7 Digital Marketing Concepts that Will Matter the Most for the Next 12 Months

The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. In this episode I offer 7 concepts that business owners can capitalize on this year when it comes to developing their marketing strategy. 

If content is king, then short form video content is the queen. Quality content (rather than quantity) is crucial, as are collaboration opportunities, podcasting, and new forms of audience generation. You can even use AI to repurpose or recreate your content! And remember: always set out to educate. But keep those videos short and sweet!  

I’m Danni White, please join me on this (short and sweet) episode of Hashtags and Habits that I believe will greatly assist you and your business in the world of digital marketing! 

 “With new expectations from consumers, 2023 could be a stellar year for digital marketing. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel though — just tweak it a little bit.”
~ Danni White 

In This Episode:

  • Why short-form video is queen
  • Understanding that organic reach through social isn’t as effective anymore
  • Why audience generation is critical
  • How to make use of AI to recreate and repurpose your content
  • Why you should pursue collaboration opportunities (tap into your LinkedIn network)
  • How to capitalize on the podcast audience
  • Focusing on SEO that matters (quality over quantity) 

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