Episode #3: How to Build a Marketing Strategy Amid Fears of a Recession

Are you ready to build a winning marketing strategy — even if it’s in the middle of a recession (or just fears around an impending recession)? While it may feel like a recession, what with a dozen eggs costing upwards of $8 now, that’s just inflation — and a recession may (or may not) be down the road. 

Should your outlook be bleak? Don’t cut costs and pause initiatives for fear of what may transpire. Marketing is a need and not a want. There’s an opportunity to refocus on the ways we connect with our customers during this time. 

I’m Danni White. Please join me on this, the third episode, of Hashtags and Habits, as we build a recession-proof marketing strategy for you and your business. I’m providing two key insights when it comes to reassessing your marketing budget during this challenging time. I hope you enjoy this episode and find it to be of value!

“Marketing is a need. It’s not a want.” ~ Danni White

In This Episode:

  • How much global growth is predicted to fall 
  • Why marketing is a NEED and not a WANT
  • Why cutting through the noise is more important than ever before
  • Pivot rather than just give up!
  • Why you should keep your marketing initiative simple
  • How to capitalize on drop offs in the market

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